Gruene  is a former town in Comal County in the U.S. state of Texas.  A popular place to visit, shop, dine, drink wine, and listen to music. Once a significant cotton-producing community along the Guadalupe River, the economy… Read More

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels With all the exciting water features and great natural outdoor opportunities in the beautiful Texas area of New Braunfels, you might wonder where to begin. It seems like a water wonderland with the Guadalupe River, natural springs galore, and the resulting Comal River rolling gently through town. Read More

New Braunfels has so many vibrant attractions it’s hard to know where to begin when visiting this town. Even residents may sometimes find it a challenge when out and about.  Your dining experience may succeed in conveying much of the essence of New Braunfels to you. It may surely make… Read More

New Braunfels unfolds as perhaps the most vibrant community on the Guadalupe River, Texas. New Braunfels has a small town feel and country charm galore. It comes wrapped in a rich history, founded in German immigration. That said, the town most distinguishing characteristic may be found in its especially unique… Read More

Guadalupe River Lakes – The San Antonio region possesses hidden gems of lakes and majestic rivers. Lakes near San Antonio and gorgeous river features take on an especially delightful appeal in the area removed to the northeast of the city. Here, the mighty Guadalupe River flows, coursing its way through beautiful… Read More